Enter the tenth British Contemporary Piano Competition. The deadline for applications is 1 October 2016


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     1     The British Contemporary Piano Competition (BCPC) is open to pianists of any nationality who are between the ages of 18 and 35 on 30 November 2017.

     2     Previous first prize-winners of the BCPC are not eligible to enter the competition.

     3     Each competitor must complete an entry form and send an entrance fee of £100

     4     The closing date for entries is 31 October 2017.

     5     The BCPC reserves the right to refuse entry to the Competition to any prospective competitor, in which case the entry fee will be refunded in full.

     6     Competitors do not need to play from memory though they may choose to do so. A copy of all works performed is required for the jury.

     7     Competitors are required to play for the duration indicated for each round. If the Jury feels that it has heard enough material for a proper judgment to be made, it may ask the competitor to stop before the end of their programme.

     8     Limited practice facilities will be provided. Rehearsal time in the performance space will only be available for competitors in the final.

     9     All repertoire must be for solo piano only, with the exception of any piece set by the BCPC for the final round which may include pre-recorded materials.

     10     No preparation or extended techniques inside the piano are admissible under any circumstances.

     11     The second and third rounds will be open to the public to attend. The first round will be held in private.

     12     In reaching a decision in the final, the Jury may take into account performances in all rounds of the competition. The Jury reserves the right to distribute the prizes other than advertised if it feels this is appropriate, or to withhold any or all the prizes if the standard is not considered high enough. All decisions of the Jury will be final. Members and constitution of the Jury may be changed without prior notice.

     13     The prize money will be in the form of a credit transfer. Competitors in the Final must provide full bank details to the BCPC.

     14     After the competition, BCPC can accept no responsibility for the terms and conditions of any ensuing engagements.

     15     In entering the competition, all competitors agree to be bound by these rules. In all matters relating to the interpretation of these rules, the decision of the Artistic Director is final.

Rules and eligibilitY